Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How we spend our summer days!

This pretty much consists of Paytons' wardrobe during the days so far. She loves to get outside and swim in her giraffe pool and play on her swing set!! I have to drag her in most days because Macey Jo get worn out just sitting there watching Payton! Most of the time I can't get her to go inside and use the bathroom so instead you hear "Mommy I pee pee in grass." I then say "okay baby the dog's do it too" I'm not even going to try to fight that battle of going inside, let's just hope she is not 16 and still peeing in the grass!!

She loves this pool so much. We bought it for $30 at Target so hopefully it will last all summer. The water hose hooks up to the giraffe head and out shoots water from the mouth!! It also has a slide that she loves for you to throw her down!! She has such a blast playing in the water!

Aylin has come to visit a few times already this summer. Aylin isn't has fond of the pool as Payton is, but they both love to swing! I think Payton would swing for hours if we let her, but it gets very tiring having to push her the entire time we are outside!

I'm sure Macey Jo gets so tired of having to just sit in her bouncy seat, but I know soon enough she will be wanting to swing with her big sister; let's just hope by then Payton can swing herself!

I hope everyone is having a great summer, we sure are!!

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