Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lake Ouachita 2011

This was our beautiful view all weekend at Lake Ouachita!

We pretty much spent all of our time on or in the water. It was pretty hot on land, but if you were swimming then it felt great! The water was wonderful and Payton had a blast! Tessa went to the lake with us so Payton had a continuous swimming partner between Tessa and Richard!

Payton and Richard talking about the 3 catfish they caught that morning on trot lines with Poppa!! Payton got out of the boat with her arms spread as wide as they could be talking about fish! They weren't really that big , but in her eyes they were HUGE!

Our family at Lake Ouachita! Richard and Payton spent a lot of time skipping rocks on the water! Payton would find the biggest rocks for Richard to "skip." She just thought the splashing of the rocks was hilarious!

Payton and her Uncle Randy driving the party barge! She loved being on the boat! We couldn't get her to jump off of the boat, but dropping her in was fun for her! Thanks Aunt Sherrie for taking care of Macey Jo while I had a little fun swimming with doodle bug!

Basically we spent our lake vacay eating, skipping rocks, swimming, fishing, &
TOPLESS (well most of us!)

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