Sunday, July 31, 2011

Go Redbirds!

We woke up Saturday morning thinking about what to take the kids to do! We had been talking about going to a Memphis Redbirds game, but we weren't sure if the kids would have fun because of the horrible heat and well I know they wont like baseball! We decided we would go and lave if it got unbearable!!

To out surprise the kids made it through the entire game plus the fireworks!! We sat on the bluff so Payton was able to run around and play with the other boys and girls at the game!! Macey Jo was well content just laying on the blanket watching the world pass by! We had a good time at the game and the fireworks were... lets just say interesting!

FYI: Don't ever sit on the bluff for the fireworks! We walked about with ash all over us, but luckily no one got burned!

Payton can have fun anywhere she goes just as long as she can run around!! Macey Jo just loves to be outside and watching everything!!

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