Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a little update...

Just a look at some little things we have been up to lately!

Just a little bit of MDO. ( Which Payton loves)

A little bit of prunes!! Daddy changed some nasty diapers for a few days!!

A little bit of carousel riding! this picture just melts my heart!

A little bit of shopping! She holds that bag like a pro!

A little bit of posing in new dresses! Thank you Tessa for our new dresses! Payton had her new one on in the above picture!

And a little bit of Minnie Mouse love!! Payton is teaching Macey Jo all about Minnie Mouse!

All in all we are enjoying our life and loving our sweet little girls!!

Thank you God for blessing our home with Payton and Macey Jo! :)

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