Sunday, July 10, 2011

Such a camera ham!!

So here recently Payton has been such a camera ham!! She is so smily and giggly when we pull the camera out!! I love it. She used to always clam up when we would try to take pictures, but now she is so the opposite!

I mean the excitement on her face is priceless every time. Her beautiful, fun smile just brightens the room!

I hope one day she aspires to be a smile model (do they even have those), because she has a huge grin every time we say Payton smile!!

Haha yea I could only wish to get one smile every time i pull out my camera! Here lately this is what it is like to get a picture of Payton! She has no interest what so ever to smile for me!! Oh well she is still so beautiful and so grown up in these pictures!! But I am still waiting for my big ole cheese!!

Love you sweet girl!

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