Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 5 months Macey Jo!

Happy 5 months sweet girl!
(on 8/3/11)

What are up too...
-You wear a size 2 diaper
-You are in 6-12 months clothes depending on who makes it
-You can finally turn over from your back to your stomach
-You can sit up somewhat by yourself (the longest was 4 whole minutes)!
-You eat a jar of food for lunch and dinner!
- You LOVE to eat your toes!
-you LOVE to watch you big sister play!
-You started MDO on 8/15. My big girl!

I can not believe you are almost 1/2 a year old! Time needs to slow down I feel like you are growing up too too fast! We love you sweet girl to the moon and back!

Macey Jo you are our sunshine.

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