Tuesday, August 9, 2011

South Carolina bound!

We had a wonderful time visiting Gi Gi and Pop Pop in South Carolina!! It's amazing how much different the country and the scenery is just 8 hours east of us!!

We left early early Wednesday morning and treked across Tennessee! The girls in okay on the drive! One slept while the other one whined/cried! We actually made it to Cookeville, TN which is the half way point!! We stopped and ate lunch at Chick-fila in Knoxville, TN so Payton could run off some energy! We stayed there for about an hour and got in the car to keep moving! As we drove through Knoxville Payton and I yelled "Hi Stephanie" out the window!!! Finally about 9.5 hours later we arrived in Greenville, SC. The mountains were beautiful and the weather was decent. It was still really hot over there!

Our first morning in South Carolina! We were so excited because we were leaving for Concord, NC to stay a night at the Great Wolf Lodge!! If you've not seen this place you have to! It is so much fun for the kids and adults too! Payton had so much fun playing in the water and going down the slides!!

We wented a Tahoe to drive from S.C. to N.C. so we could all ride together! It had a built in DVD player and lots of room! Mommy wants one of these real bad!

Macey Jo thinking where in the world are we were at!
She was getting some much over do lovens from her Gi Gi!

Spending the day in the water park!! Let me tell you Payton had a blast! She would stay there forever and never leave the kids pool!

The girls enjoying the Great Wolf Lodge! And yes Macey Jo started sucking her thumb! I thought it looked so cute, but then I had a flash of a future picture of me trying to push Macey Jo into Kindergarten with her thumb in her mouth! Then I quickly took the thumb from her and just thought I will be glad I did this in the near future!

Happy Birthday Gi Gi!
We love the Great Wolf Lodge and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory for Gi Gi's birthday!! The food was very good and the Chessecake was soooooo delicious!! This is a picture of all of our Chessecakes! Payton was so excited when she got a small slither of all 4!

This little girl is a Ham! I couldn't believe she actually turned around and smile at me when I asked her too! But doesn't that smile make you think..." What on earth is she doing in that chair." I have a feeling she is going to be one tough cookie for me to handle when she's 16.

The hubs and I at Crawfords Covered Bridge! It is the only covered bridge left in S.C. A little creek runs underneath it and Richard and Payton had a lot of fun playing in the water!

Look at that sweet little girl! OMG she melts my heart! She is so precious and such a good baby! I love you sweet Macey Jo!

My 2 beautiful little girls at the creek! They both love being outside!

Gi Gi and Pop Pop with Payton and Macey Jo! You had to take pictures very quick with Payton because she was always on the go!

Daddy and his little girls! He loves them two with all his heart! I am so happy I have him here to share our lives with these sweet angels! He is such and awesome and involved daddy and we love him so much!

We had so much fun visiting with Gi Gi and Pop Pop! We are so thankful for them and for all they do for us! Thank you for letting us come spend a week with you guys! We had a blast! Can't wait to do it again!!

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