Saturday, September 24, 2011

Did somebody say Disney?! :)

Just wanted to give a little flashback from 2010's Disney on Ice!! Look how cute and small they looked!!!

Ok now onto the 2011 Disney on Ice!! These two girls were so excited to go see Mickey and Minnie mouse!! They almost had on matching dresses!! We ate dinner at Hard Rock again this year!! And might I just add Payton ate the entire kids meal this time!! So proud of my big girl!!

Hear is everyone enjoying the show!! Well except for Blair and Tessa, sorry ya'll!! Payton was very scared the first 45 minutes or so!! Aylin enjoyed the show very much! Macey Jo was following all the skaters!! I can't believe she actually sat there and watched pretty much the whole thing!

Here is Blair and Aylin taking a quick break and cheesing for the camera!! Well Blair is cheesing at least! Hey there are Tessa's legs!! I told ya'll she was there!! :)

We had so much fun watching the characters and singing the songs!! Yet again We older kids (Blair, Me, and Tessa) sang all the songs and probably had more fun then the little kid's!!
They had Lion King, Little Mermaid, Lilo Stitch, and Peter Pan! And of course Mickey and the Clubhouse gang were there through the whole show!

Finally Payton was starting to enjoy the show!! She was pointing and laughing at all the characters!!

Aylin was concentrating very hard on something or she was in her very own magical land!!

Finally the stars of the show!! Aylin and Payton L.O.V.E Mickey and Minnie!!

Well the 2011 Disney on Ice was a blast!! We sang songs, danced, and enjoyed some much needed girl family time!!

Love you girls!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Emery!!

We just wanted to wish Emery Jean a very Happy 3rd Birthday!!
We love you sweet girl!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Whoooo Pig Sooie!

4 little girls all dressed up for some Arkansas football!!

Thanks Anissa for providing our wonderful backdrop ( a muddy truck)!!!

Here they are... Bailey on a 4-wheeler, Emery cheesin so big, Payton loving her tutu, and Macey Jo looking so fabulous!!

Now that right there sums up our weekend in Arkansas!! Those two girls really know how to have fun!!

We wanted to give a big thanks to our very own Gi Gi for the awesome tutus!!

Go HOGS!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Visiting the cousins!!

We went this weekend to Van Buren for Emerys 3rd birthday party!! We had a great time seeing Bailey and Emery!! Payton has missed her cousins so much! And it was great for them to finally meet Macey Jo!!

We went to the Hillbillly Porkchop 5K that Chris and Anissa helped put on! It was a lot of fun to watch everyone race in the dirt and the mud!! The girls loved being out there playing in the mud!!!

Payton was a little scared at first, but all she needed was Emery to keep pushing her on! They eventually had a lot of fun on that hill!!

Here is Emery playing in the dirt without her shoes on!! She was all about getting dirty!! That girl really loves to have fun!! And Finally all 3 of the girls climbing up the dirt hill!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The life of a 6 month old!!

Macey Jo you are so cute and funny! The way you will sit and watch your sister play and run around is amazing!! Its like you have also known she was so funny! Payton will just be sitting by you and you start smiling just waiting for her to do something!! You used to be so content and just watch the world go by, now you want to be moving! I don't think it will be too much longer and you will be crawling!! You always want to be doing something!!

Macey Jo.. you are 6 months old and you need to slow down!!
What are you up too now...
-you are in a size 3 diaper
-you are wearing 6-9 months and some 9 months clothing
-you can sit up all by yourself now
-you sit and play in Payton's room alot
-you are so talkative. you love to hear yourself
-you still are not a fan of your carseat

We love you to the moon and back sweet girl!! You have made our lives so much better by just being ours!!

Now listen to your mommy and please stop growing up so fast!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

A little update!!

We have been very busy with work and school that it has been hard to keep the blog updated!!! So I decided to do one big post instead of doing a few small post.

So what have we been up to lately...

We had a fun day at the park in late August. Macey Jo had a lot of fun watching Payton run around!! She played on the swings and slid down the slide!! We also went and watched the ducks and Payton just kept talking about how the ducks are in the water and how they are swimming!! She probably could have stood there and watched them all night if we had let her!!

Sweet girls swinging!! Macey Jo's first swing!!

We also celebrated Richard's 27th birthday!! We had a wonderful time at Osaka for dinner!! Richard and I love to eat Sushi so this was a perfect fit for us!! The girls had a great time with their daddy!! We love you so much Richard and we thank you for everything you do for us!
Happy Birthday!!

On Saturday we met Blair, Aylin, and Ki Ki at My Big Backyard. It was hot but of course the kids had a blast!! We love visiting this place! There is so much for the kids to do and play with they never go bored!! We played all morning and then went to eat lunch at Rafferty's.

Here is Ki Ki with Payton and Aylin in the swing!! Then Payton and Aylin wanted to swing together!!

At My Big Backyard they have a section of the park that you can experience a thunderstorm!
It will thunder really loud and then it will start raining!! Payton and Aylin loved that!! Payton kept running to tell me Mommy it's raining!!

Macey Jo was having a blast watching Aylin and Payton play in the rain!!

For some reason I absolutely love this picture! To me it looks like something from a movie when someone just won the lottery or like she just found her true love!!
She just looks so innocent and pure! There she is just a little precious girl enjoying the simple things that life brings!! The rain... when was the last time you danced and enjoyed the rain!!

Payton we love you more than you know! The way you enjoy the little things so much, it makes me want to take you outside in the rain and just enjoy every moment with you!! You are such a joy in our lives!! You will never know how much this one picture means to me! I pray when you are older you will look back at this one picture and remember to always enjoy your life in the now! It's the little things you can never get back!!