Saturday, September 24, 2011

Did somebody say Disney?! :)

Just wanted to give a little flashback from 2010's Disney on Ice!! Look how cute and small they looked!!!

Ok now onto the 2011 Disney on Ice!! These two girls were so excited to go see Mickey and Minnie mouse!! They almost had on matching dresses!! We ate dinner at Hard Rock again this year!! And might I just add Payton ate the entire kids meal this time!! So proud of my big girl!!

Hear is everyone enjoying the show!! Well except for Blair and Tessa, sorry ya'll!! Payton was very scared the first 45 minutes or so!! Aylin enjoyed the show very much! Macey Jo was following all the skaters!! I can't believe she actually sat there and watched pretty much the whole thing!

Here is Blair and Aylin taking a quick break and cheesing for the camera!! Well Blair is cheesing at least! Hey there are Tessa's legs!! I told ya'll she was there!! :)

We had so much fun watching the characters and singing the songs!! Yet again We older kids (Blair, Me, and Tessa) sang all the songs and probably had more fun then the little kid's!!
They had Lion King, Little Mermaid, Lilo Stitch, and Peter Pan! And of course Mickey and the Clubhouse gang were there through the whole show!

Finally Payton was starting to enjoy the show!! She was pointing and laughing at all the characters!!

Aylin was concentrating very hard on something or she was in her very own magical land!!

Finally the stars of the show!! Aylin and Payton L.O.V.E Mickey and Minnie!!

Well the 2011 Disney on Ice was a blast!! We sang songs, danced, and enjoyed some much needed girl family time!!

Love you girls!!!

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