Saturday, September 17, 2011

Visiting the cousins!!

We went this weekend to Van Buren for Emerys 3rd birthday party!! We had a great time seeing Bailey and Emery!! Payton has missed her cousins so much! And it was great for them to finally meet Macey Jo!!

We went to the Hillbillly Porkchop 5K that Chris and Anissa helped put on! It was a lot of fun to watch everyone race in the dirt and the mud!! The girls loved being out there playing in the mud!!!

Payton was a little scared at first, but all she needed was Emery to keep pushing her on! They eventually had a lot of fun on that hill!!

Here is Emery playing in the dirt without her shoes on!! She was all about getting dirty!! That girl really loves to have fun!! And Finally all 3 of the girls climbing up the dirt hill!!

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