Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cedar Hill Farms 2011

Every year since Payton was born we have made our way over to Cedar Hill Farms in Hernando, MS. We always have a great time and the kids have fun too!

Look at these sweet girls riding on the train! Payton was having so much fun on the train. I know, surprising isn't it. She is always afraid of everything. Well she actually enjoyed this!

Here we are!! Everyone enjoying the train ride!! Payton was really having fun!!

They can pet the goats, sheep, and mini horses!! They have pig races, which Payton got to be the leader of the white team this year. They even have toys for the big kids a.k.a Richard! He shot corn stalk from a gun to try and hit the scarecrow!!

This is what Richard was looking forward too!! Boys and their ideas of Fun!!

So I am very proud to say that Payton ACTUALLY got on and rode the pony the entire time! Last year it was a bust. She would not get on the pony! It's amazing at how much 1 year can change! She is becoming a big girl! (Fingers crossed that we might actually get our VERY FIRST Santa picture this year)

Payton picked out her pumpkin!! She was so happy about it! She also got to pick out her sisters pumpkin too!

Next we rode a hay ride all the way to the pumpkin patch! Payton picked out her pumpkin and and Macey's pumpkin! Then I went for the hard search of finding our family pumpkin! I looked and looked and searched and searched. Finally I spotted the pumpkin that we wanted! The stem on it was HUGE. I absolutely picked the perfect pumpkin for the Davis Family!

Us sisters trying to get a picture together! Its always so hard to get a decent picture of anybody now days! This cracks me up!! And no we did not coordinate our wardrobe! We just showed up with black shirts and jeans on!! What can I say... Smart girls think alike!

There a decent picture finally ! There goes Tessa with that picture pose!

Doodlebug riding pack to the car with her very own pumpkin!!

We had a wonderful morning with the family! I love days where we have nothing important to do and we can just go with the flow and do whatever we want!!

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