Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween !

Unfortunately I work in an area that never closes! I am a nurse at a major hospital here in Memphis and of course we are always open to save lives!! I had to work on Halloween, so Richard was able to take Payton trick or treating this year! Since I had to work, my mom and I took the girls to a Trunk or Treat on the Saturday prior to Halloween at Grace Lutheran Church!

Payton had a great time and got lots and lots of candy! She was a little scared of the adults that dressed up, but all in all I think she did so good for being the chicken she is!! After we Trunked or Treat we went inside and ate dinner and let Payton play on the inflatable slides and bounce arounds!! She had a blast doing that also! Macey Jo came away with some yummy candy for her momma and Ki Ki!

I am so thankful for the time I get to spend with my girls! I may not get holidays and every weekend off, but I do get to spend so much time with them when I am off! I hope when they are older they know that I may not have gotten to spend every Halloween or Christmas with them, but that their mom was helping sick little babies that needed me a little bit more that day! I have a wonderful family that can be with them when I can't and an awesome husband who loves me and our kids more than anything!!

Thank you everyone for everything you do!!

My sweet Minnie Mouse and My cute little Arkanas fan!! They were ready to go Trick or Treating with their daddy!! Paytons' bucket was stacked with candy by the end of the night!!

My two girls and I at Trunk or Treat at Grace Lutheran!! We had such a wonderful time together and it was so much fun watching Payton say Trick or Treat and Thank you!! She is getting way to big!!

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