Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just what I needed!!

So let me just start off saying I have some really great friends who carry on very funny conversations!! It's a "you have to be there" kind of thing! We get together every so often and do dinner! Usually when Stephanie comes back from UTK for a long weekend or something is when we get together!! We always have so much fun and usually laugh and tell our stories the entire time!!

We went to El Porton tonight and stayed until they closed! HA! I think they were ready for us to leave because the waiter kept coming to our table picking up dishes and asking if anything else was needed! Dinner was great as usual and I myself enjoyed my drinks!!

We always have so much fun on nights like these!! This was Katie Brooke's first experience on our girl's night dinner!! I think she enjoyed it very much!!! I believe she was a little shocked at our conversation topics, but she easily kept up with our conversations!!

There were a few ladies missing tonight, but hopefully next time they will be able to join us!! We all used to work at the same place at one time; now we have moved on to other things and other chapters in our lives! But we always know that we can come together and it seems like we never missed a beat!

Laughter and "adult" conversation was just what I needed!! There are times when the girls just wear me down and wear me out! So having one night where I could just chit chat and actually enjoy my dinner was so wonderful!! Thank you ladies so much for this wonderful night and I sure can not wait to do it again!! Soon hope I hope!!

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  1. I loved that night as well! How much fun we tend to have whenever we get together! It always makes me miss my days in Memphis. These pics are totally cute! Here's to many more fun nights of adult conversation and laughter all around the table!