Monday, October 3, 2011

Our darling 7 month old!

Macey Jo you are 7 months old today! You are so sweet and beautiful!

What are you up too...
-You wear a size 3 diaper
-You wear 9 months and some 12 months clothes
-you weigh 19# 8 oz. (you had a doctors visit today)
-you are on amoxicillin and a cough medicine for you 2 URI in 1.5 months
-You smile and laugh at your sister all the time
-You fight sleep so bad
-you eat a yogurt for breakfast, fruit for lunch, and a vegetable for dinner.
-you still eat a 6 oz. bottle every 3-4 hours.
-You are not crawling yet and I don't think you will for a while. You hate being on your belly!

I can not believe how much you have grown in these past 7 months. You are our sweet and loving baby girl and we love you to the moon and back!!

Please baby girl could you do your mommy and daddy a favor and slow it down a bit!
We love you!!

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