Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Bailey!

This past weekend we got to spend some wonderful time with our nieces!! Bailey and Emery are so sweet and growing up so fast! Bailey wanted to have her birthday at the deer camp in Rison so all her cousins and family could be there! So like Bailey... she always wants to be with lots of people!! It was so good to see everyone and for everyone to meet Macey Jo!!
(Sorry they are so blurry, they are from my phone)!

These silly girls!! They have so much fun together when we visit!! Emery and Payton are 4 months apart so they really enjoy each others company!! Bailey is like their little momma it's so cute!!

Macey Jo had a lot of firsts this weekend. She met a lot of her cousins for the first time. She attended her first bonfire at the deer camp! She roasted wienees for the first time and helped momma make S'mores!! It was so much fun visiting and hanging out by the fire!!

There they are!! All 4 of the girls!! Macey, Bailey, Emery, and Payton!! Love you girls so much! Can't believe this time next year Macey will be running around acting crazy with them!

Also while we were there we visited Poppa Davis. He got to meet Macey Jo for the first time also! I know, Iknow that is so bad! We should have introduced them a while ago, but it gets hard traveling with 2 kids and also having 2 work schedules to work around!! We made it down there and thats all that matters!

Payton loved seeing Poppa Davis. She kept telling Poppa that Pawpaw Davis was in an airplane! I think she told him that a 100 hundred times! Richard's dad Brian a.k.a Pawpaw Davis is a pilot and its so funny because Payton will hear an airplane and say thats Pawpaw Davis!

This was about the only nap these two girls got all weekend! They were so worn out from running and playing and eating all weekend!! Poor Emery I guess she didn't know she could leant he other way and be a lot more comfortable!

All 3 of the young girls taking a sweet, short nap! Even Macey Jo didn't have a decent nap all weekend!! So you know she was mighty cranky every time she was put down!

Payton had so much fun visiting with her cousins! We can't wait to se them again around Christmas time!! They always have so much fun together. Too bad we don't live closer because they would be a mess all the time!!!

Happy Birthday Bailey!!

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