Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! 2011

We got to spend Thanksgiving this year in South Carolina with Gi Gi and Pop Pop. We left late Tuesday night and made it there about mid day on Wednesday! We had to end up stopping due to the crabbiness of our almost 9 month old!! We booked an hotel room in Crossville, TN around 0130 Wednesday morning!! Needless to say I just don't have good riders!! Oh well we made there and that is all that matters!

Richard and I were able to go on a little date night to see Breaking Dawn. I'm sure Richard would have rather seen something else, but he knows how long I have been waiting for this movie to come out. After the movie we went back to Gi Gi and Pop Pop's house and put the kiddos to bed!

The next morning we had a small breakfast and watched and gave Gi Gi some moral support for cooking Thanksgiving dinner!! Dinner was awesome and everyone was so stuffed! Even Macey got to dine with us on some Sweet Potato's. She loved every bit of all the yummy goodness that was in them!! Thank you Gi Gi, the food was sooo good!!!!!

Then around 9:00 pm that madness began!! Gi Gi was the lucky one to hit up Black Friday with me!! We made it to ToysRUs around 9 and then made it to Target around midnight! I got some good deals and I am happy to say the girls Christmas is DONEZO!!!!

We had so much fun in S.C. over Thanksgiving break!! But it all had to end because I had to go to work! Thank you so much Gi Gi and Pop Pop for letting us mess up your house and eat our you wonderful food!! Also a big thanks to Gi Gi for conquering Black Friday with me!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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