Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our family funday!

I haven't had a Sunday off in about 5 months! The way our work schedules interfere with each other I have to work at least one day on the weekend! :( Sad I know but so worth it in the end for my kids! Well I am on vacation and today we decided to have a family funday! We woke up early Sunday morning to the wrong time, it was really 0700 instead of 0800, thank you daylight savings time! So we decided to go eat breakfast at Blue Plate Cafe, which was very very yummy!!

Then we got dressed and made it to the 1115 service at Hope!! It was a great sermon and although we had to sit in the Cry Room, I think we managed to hear every word! Since I work on Sundays I think we are going to give the Saturday night service a go and see how we like that! After Church we came home and ate dinner and let Macey have like a 1.5 hour nap!

Then we loaded up and drove to the Zoo. We hadn't planned on going to the zoo we were just going to go walk by the river, but then at a spur of the moment turned into the zoo! Boy I am so glad we did! It was beautiful!! All the animals were out and moving like crazy! Can you believe we actually saw the hippos, yes the hippos move out of the water! I was in complete shock! I don't think I have ever seen them move! They are starting to set up for the Zoo lights so that was very neat to see!

Can you believe that she actually said can you take a picture of me!!

When we finally made it home, we relaxed in our PJ's and watched Sprout! Payton knows almost every word to the Goodnight Show! Even the commercials, which is a little sad, but that is what she loves to do before she goes to bed!

I am so thankful for my family and the fun times we get to spend together! Thanks Ki Ki for joining is today!! We loved having you there!!!

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