Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our annual Christmas Eve!!

Every year for Christmas Eve we head to my sisters house!! Its always so much fun with lots of food, talk, and presents!!! This year we started off the gathering baking Santa cookies!! Payton and Aylin loved to do that!! They basically played and poured out the sprinkles!! Aylin made a complete mess with the sprinkles!!

Next, we ate, ate, and ate some more!! We had lots of delicious food and it was so yummy!! The girls loved the dessert table of course!! When my dad and sister finally showed up it was time for the main event!!!

Opening presents was so much fun this year!! Payton and Aylin are at the perfect age where they finally understood and got so excited when it was their turn to open presents!! Payton got more dress-up clothes and toys!! We are definitely getting princessed out! I wonder what Santa has in store for Payton!! ;)

Tessa was so happy about her Naked eye shadow!! Mom got a personalized photo frame of the girls! Aylin got lots of things for her new big girl room!! (Sorry for your eyes being closed Blur!)

Blair and Aylin with their dolls: Mulan and Rapunzel!! I had to get Bobby to smile in the picture because he was in it! Too bad we didn't give him a doll to hold!!

Tessa and Payton after opening presents!!

Macey Jo having the most fun in a BOX!! Oh that is so the present we should have gotten her!! She played and played in that box!

Then it became a fun thing to do with all the girls!! Payton and Aylin just had to get in on the fun!! I should have brought that box home with me!!

Our Santa cookies are ready to be placed on a plate! I do believe Santa will LOVE these cookies!!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! Sleep Tight!!

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