Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snow! Snow 2011!

This was actually Macey's second snow if you count the snow fall we had that one night!! Macey didn't get to enjoy this snow like her sister did!! Oh well! I KNOW there will be more snow days ahead!!

Can't believe we actually had snow in December!! Haha that never happens! We usually always have snow in the Jan., Feb. or March! Well the girls were excited to wake up to a yard full of snow! Payton was so excited that she woke me up with her hat on saying she wanted to go outside and play in the snow!! We took full advantage of Macey sleeping in so we went out for a few minutes!!

Here is Payton so excited to be outside in the snow! The funny part about it was she wouldn't step in the snow! She just wanted to look at and and touch it with her glove!! She didn't step in the grass I did and then she stepped every step in my footsteps!!
Our house in the snow!!

This is from our driveway looking down the street!! Of course it had to be trash day so everyone's trash cans are in my pretty pictures!!


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