Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday Payton love!

Happy 3rd Birthday Payton!!

Oh how the time flies by!! It seems like yesterday that you were 1 day old and your daddy was getting you packed and ready to go to LeBonheur at 0230 because you would not stop crying!! He was so nervous that first week!! Mommy calmed him down and took you out of the car seat!! Then Ki Ki came over and saved the morning!!!

It is so hard to believe that you are 3 already!! I keep thinking that in a couple of years you will be in school and that just makes me cry!! You are definitely 3 now with the attitude and tantrums!! You are so wild and care free that its so hard to keep up with you!!

-You are in a size 4T pants and shirts
-You are completely potty trained as of April 2011
-you love you MDO
-you love you friends especially Landon and Aylin

Putting this together brought tears to my eyes!! How fast it goes by is incredible!

You are so beautiful and fun! I love what little bundle of energy you have become! You always make us laugh and you make us yell!! You are such a great big sister and Macey Jo loves you so much! The things you say are so funny and you really love to say OMG!! It is just so funny!!

We love you so much doodle bug!!

<3 mommy and daddy

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