Friday, February 3, 2012

Macey Jo's 11 month update!

I can not believe that this time next month you will be 1. I'm so not ready for this to come!!

What have you been up to this month!
- you weigh about 23 lbs
- you wear size 12-18 month clothes
- you are pulling up onto everything
- you have started to walk behind toys
- you can say da da and bye bye
- you giggle every single time any one says peek a boo
- you and your sister fight over every toy around
- you have been pushed down alot now by Payton
- you still HATE riding in your car seat

Macey Jo

You are still so calm and collective! You loved to be held and I don't think you would have learn to walk behind toys if I didn't make you get down on the floor! We love you so much and can not wait to spend your 1st birthday with all our family and friends!!

We love you to the moon and back!! :)
- Love, daddy, mommy, & sister!!

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