Friday, March 16, 2012

A little Spring break fum

Since my little sister Tessa is still in school and my older sister Blair is a school teacher, we still get to celebrate/look forward to Spring Break!! blair decided to go pick up Grandma McCall in Blytheville and drive onto Lamberts in Sikeston, MO. We followed along and had a really fun time. Aylin and Payton were so funny watching the waiter's throw the rolls all the way across the place! 

Blair was so excited to catch the first roll during lunch!! Payton just thought it was so funny that they were throwing rolls!!

Here are the girls riding the horse outside of the Lambert's!! They are just too cute!
After lunch we drove back to my grandma's and had dessert!! My grandma always has the greatest desserts!! 

We played outside for a couple of hours and then headed on home!! We had a great day trip for Spring Break!! Thank for my family and the fun trips we get to take together!!!

We love you Grandma McCall!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bringing out the country!

We went to Pine Bluff, AR over the weekend to celebrate Poppa's 76th birthday!! Man I can't imagine what all he has seen in 76 years!!! We always have so much fun hanging out with family! Payton and Macey Jo get tho see their cousins and play outside all day!

Here is the birthday boy with 3 out of 4 of his great grand daughters!!  They loved to sit in that swing next to Poppa! 

Here is Poppa and sweet Emery!! She was all snuggled up next to her Poppa!

The girls love to be outside and get all dirty!! Aunt Bette and Uncle Don have lots of animals to look at and play with! They went to see the chickens in the chicken coupe. They touched and talked with the horses! They play with all the dogs roaming around. 

At Poppas house, Richard always finds the Bee bee gun to go shoot at a target. Well this time all the girls wanted a try!! Bailey was big enough to do it all by herself. Emery and Payton needed Richard's help but they did so good! They would shoot and then run to the target to see where they hit! 

Here is Macey Jo and Uncle Chris!! Macey wanted a turn at the Bee Bee gun. Sorry sweet thing maybe next year we will let you shoot!!!

Happy 76th birthday Poppa!! We love you so much!!'

<3 Richard, Julianna, Payton, and Macey Jo

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy 1st birthday Macey Jo

Macey Jo turned 1 today! Man how time flies. Can't believe I have 2 toddlers around the house now!! We got to celebrate Macey Jo's 1st birthday on her actual birthday!! We didn't do much, but have friends and family come to the house to help us celebrate!

Macey Jo was not so excited about opening up her presents! So thankfully we had lots of friends and cousins and a big sister who is a pro at opening presents!!!

We loved the way her cake turned out!! Big thanks to Cammies Cakes for making her cakes perfectly!! The colors matched her outfit to the tee!! Did I mention the cake was oh so YUMMY!!!! We had balloons and cookies there also!! 

Big thank you to all of Macey Jo's and Payton's friends that came to her party! We had Aylin, Bailey, Emery, Alyssa, Landon (the only boy), Brooklyn, Maggie Scott, Brianna! We missed Sadie, Ava, and Stella though!  

It's cake time!! Macey Jo loved her cake! She was a little nervous at first with everybody singing and laughing at her being so cute!!  She is so stinking sweet!! We love you Macey Jo!! 

Ki Ki with the birthday girl!!!

This is just a closer picture of our wonderful cakes!!! I just loved the way they turned out!!

This is the outfit that Macey Jo was wearing on her Birthday invitation!! See how the cake matches her pants and owl!! So cute!!!

I think the beautiful girl loved her cake!! She is doing the crinkled nose smile!! That means it was a hit!! 
Happy Birthday Macey Jo!! This first year with you has been fantastic! You are a beautiful little girl and we can not wait to see what all the years with you will bring!! You love your big sister so much and watching you two play together just brings a huge smile to my face!! 
We love you to the moon and back Mace Mace!!

1 year of Macey Jo!!

Happy 1st birthday Macey Jo!! 

What have you been up too lately...
- You weigh 23.3 pounds
-You are 30 inches tall
-You are standing up by your self
-You walk around holding onto everything
-You say Mama, Dada, Bye Bye, and I swear you said sissy the other day
-You LOVE to play with you big sister
-When you really start to laugh you crinkle your nose and snort
-You love to play outside

I can not believe you are 1 already! Where does the time go too? Now I have two toddlers always being crazy and destroying the house, but we wouldn't have it any other way! We love you and your sister to the moon and back !!

Happy 1st Birthday Mace Mace!!