Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bringing out the country!

We went to Pine Bluff, AR over the weekend to celebrate Poppa's 76th birthday!! Man I can't imagine what all he has seen in 76 years!!! We always have so much fun hanging out with family! Payton and Macey Jo get tho see their cousins and play outside all day!

Here is the birthday boy with 3 out of 4 of his great grand daughters!!  They loved to sit in that swing next to Poppa! 

Here is Poppa and sweet Emery!! She was all snuggled up next to her Poppa!

The girls love to be outside and get all dirty!! Aunt Bette and Uncle Don have lots of animals to look at and play with! They went to see the chickens in the chicken coupe. They touched and talked with the horses! They play with all the dogs roaming around. 

At Poppas house, Richard always finds the Bee bee gun to go shoot at a target. Well this time all the girls wanted a try!! Bailey was big enough to do it all by herself. Emery and Payton needed Richard's help but they did so good! They would shoot and then run to the target to see where they hit! 

Here is Macey Jo and Uncle Chris!! Macey wanted a turn at the Bee Bee gun. Sorry sweet thing maybe next year we will let you shoot!!!

Happy 76th birthday Poppa!! We love you so much!!'

<3 Richard, Julianna, Payton, and Macey Jo

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