Friday, March 16, 2012

A little Spring break fum

Since my little sister Tessa is still in school and my older sister Blair is a school teacher, we still get to celebrate/look forward to Spring Break!! blair decided to go pick up Grandma McCall in Blytheville and drive onto Lamberts in Sikeston, MO. We followed along and had a really fun time. Aylin and Payton were so funny watching the waiter's throw the rolls all the way across the place! 

Blair was so excited to catch the first roll during lunch!! Payton just thought it was so funny that they were throwing rolls!!

Here are the girls riding the horse outside of the Lambert's!! They are just too cute!
After lunch we drove back to my grandma's and had dessert!! My grandma always has the greatest desserts!! 

We played outside for a couple of hours and then headed on home!! We had a great day trip for Spring Break!! Thank for my family and the fun trips we get to take together!!!

We love you Grandma McCall!!

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