Monday, July 16, 2012

Member's Night at the Zoo

We became zoo members right before Macey was born. We have used it so much over the past year. Payton loves to go and always ask to go rain or shine.

They have a members night every so often. The rides are free and they have a DJ so all the kids can dance and run free. This last time Payton and Aylin had an absolute blast and of course we ran into Payton's boyfriend Landon, whom she always has a fun time with.

Can you believe that Payton actually rode on some rides by herself!! It's unbelievable how big and brave she is getting!! It seems like just yesterday she was scared of her shadow!!

Macey Jo touched a snake... Ewwww!! I'm so not a snake person but that kid will touch anything!! She is not scared of anything! She wanted to grab all the birds that flew on our stick.

We had a great time at the zoo and can't wait to go back!!

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